Thursday, May 24, 2012

Motivation .....

 I woke up today with most of the back pain gone! Woohoo!!! I also woke up today with motivation out the wazoo. I am determined to lose at least 5 more pounds by my "fill" which is June 6th. That is 13 days away. I can do it, right? My original goal was to be 242lbs by then, but I don't see that happening, so my new goal is to be 252lbs. Hmmmm, yes I have gained a pound or two back, I weighed in at 257 last night. If I can get to 252 by June 6th that will be a total of 40lbs since I started this journey in January and 15lbs since my surgery. May not be a big deal to most but it is huge for me, mostly because I'm sick of being huge! I haven't weighed 250 ish pounds in over 11 years.

 I have been slack in what I'm eating and super slack in the exercise department, especially this week with all the back pain and what not. I am determined starting today (right after the chicken minis my boss brought me for breakfast) that I am going to eat better and exercise daily. So Richard Simmons better bring it on!!!!!!! Hopefully we will get our pool opened soon too, so I can get some exercise in it too.

 On a different note, the finale of AI was the worst finale I have seen. But I am glad Phillip Phillips won. He is HOT!!!! I cannot wait to buy his CD.

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