Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Elliptical is a BITCH

 I started using my fitness pal yesterday, I am in love with it, but since I haven't been really keeping count on my calories, I realize how BAD I was really doing. Yesterday I was about 300 calories over. So I got my butt on that elliptical (we had some bad storms so I didn't go to church or the Y) I told myself, "Self, we are going to do more than 5 minutes if it kills us." And it almost did, but I made it through. Now, don't think I rocked it out last night, I did 5 minutes, stopped for 2, 5 more, stopped for 2 more, then 5 more minutes. That's right I did a total of 15 minutes on that bitch of a machine!!!! It felt GREAT, not so much today though, I am so SORE!!!!!

 Tonight I'm back at the Y for orientation at 6pm, then walk to run at 7pm. I can't wait!!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lapband Doc

 I went to the lapband doc this morning. I have lost 8.4 pounds since my last visit a month ago. Our scales are different so it is sometimes frustrating. She said I am doing good. She told me to stay away from the white stuff (sorry, Husband) to eat lots of protein and greens. I am doing pretty good with that lately. Oh.....I can't believe this.....GREAT NEWS.....this whole week (shut up, I know it's only Wednesday) I have gotten in at least 84oz of water everyday!!! This is a HUGE accomplishment for me!!!!

 Last night we joined the YMCA. I did the walk to run with the Biggest Losers. We only did one mile, walked 2 minutes, ran 1 minute. Normally I can WALK at least 5 miles, when I say normally I mean before September (that's when I stopped). That one mile kicked my tail last night. The end was straight up a hill. It was good for me. Thursday I am doing it again. They are doing it every Tuesday and Thursday and in April they are doing a 5K, which I am joining in on. I am STOKED!!!!

 I need to find some panties that I can workout in and they will stay up. You see, I have NO BUTT or hips. The drawers I wore last night were sliding off, I literally had to hold on to them while we ran. I normally don't wear any (TMI???) but I thought I would try it. Any suggestions????

 My goal is to be 199 pounds by summer!!! Husband keeps saying he can't wait to have a chubby wife.

 Still no baby. That little booger is pissing us off!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


 Come on, you know you just sang that! I did!!!!

 I am joining the YMCA after work today and I am totally stoked!!! I have been talking about all year and we're finally doing it. I have a friend that is doing a Biggest Loser thing with a local Christian radio show here and she goes there. I am excited to be able to workout with her. Don't get me wrong, I love Husband and all but he is light years ahead of me when it comes to fitness/athletics. I will love doing it (not actually it, although I do love that) with him too.

 Anyway, Missi's Biggest loser group is starting walk to run tonight and I am joining them. It's basically couch 25K. In March I am going to do a 5K with her and planning another in May. I hope by the one in May I will be able to run at least most of it.

 I go to the weight loss doc tomorrow. I am not looking forward to it, mostly because I have been a slacker this month. But like I said yesterday, I started over!!!!

 Still no baby!

Monday, January 28, 2013


 I have said this a million times, but today I mean business!!!! Today is the day that I start over. I have been losing a few pounds then gaining it back, I haven't been excersizing, drinking near enough water, or eating right. Well, this morning I started over.

 This week we are joing the YMCA, and today we are starting Couch 2 5K. I am super excited about this. I am determined that I will lose another 75lbs.

 I still hate the eliptical!!! I am still only doing 5 minutes at a time.

 BABY NEWS......

 That little booger still isn't here. Thursday she was dilated to 4 and they sent her home, Saturday they were back, she was dilated to 5, spent the night and they sent her home again on Sunday. The sister in law had to go back to GA yesterday and she's scared she won't make it in time next time.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


 Ok, so my sister in law is adopting a baby. Let me give y'all some background.....the baby belongs to her cousin's girlfriend. They already have a 1-2 year old and they broke up and she got knocked up by someone else, now they're (why don't the computer puncuate like the smart phone does....grrrr....) back together and she's pregnant. So at Christmas the cousin's mom asked the sister in law if she wanted the baby. So the sister in law and her husband have been frantically dealing with home studies and attorneys trying to get everything in order. The baby is due February 28th so they don't have much time.

                                     WELL......SHE'S IN LABOR!!!!!!!!!!!

 Nothing is done yet! They don't even have all the essentials. So today I have been at Babies R Us buying stuff and all over craigslist. Thankfully a friend of mine is giving her a very nice stroller/car seat combo! Thank you, Melissa!!!!

 I have been a nervous wreck because the people she's dealing with are certifiable and I'm afraid that they will back out and the sister in law will get her heart broken. The whole family is at the hospital waiting on the baby to get here (which I think that's crazy since she's not keeping him). The attorney has talked to the hospital and everything is supposed to be taken care of.

 Oh yeah.....the sister in law lives in another state. So she is driving 6 hours to get here when she gets off work at 6pm tonight.

 Any of you that pray, please do so for this situation and for this sweet baby boy that is coming into this world a month premature.

On a different note.....I HATE THE ELIPTICAL!!!!!! I thought, "I will start out doing 10 minutes and work up" NOT HAPPENING!!!! The past 3 days I have only been able to get through 5 minutes! That crap whoops my tail. This morning I did 5 minutes right before I left for work (that's right, in my work clothes) I almost fell down my steps because I couldn't feel my legs!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


The Elliptical is moving back into the living room tonight! Look Out!!!!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Randomness

 This post is going to be just a bunch of randomness.....

 First off, I have crept back up to 234lbs, I'm ok with that. We still haven't joined a gym, but we are doing it this week. We have decided on the YMCA.

 I have been sick for a week, I'm so over this crap. I NEVER get sick....other than crap like brain tumors and cancer, but this sinus / cold junk is for the birds!!!!!

 I took Friday off to spend the day with the family....well the family is also sick, so we spent the day laying around the house. We did get out that evening to go out to eat with some friends. I know, we're the best friends anyone could ask for, "Hey, y'all want to go out to eat with us, we may give all of y'all our nasty sick germs but we're such good company."

 Saturday I felt a little better so me and B and my BFF and her daughter went shopping and out to lunch and for ice cream (that's where the 234lbs comes into play) we had a marvelous time, but Saturday night I was sick as a dog. (Runon sentence much?)

 Sunday I stayed in bed all day, didn't go to church, didn't shower, didn't get out of my pajamas. I did take B to spend the night at Granny's, but I did that in my pajamas.

 Onto Monday....I still feel like death, but I came to work anyway. (again with the spreading of the nasty sick germs)

Monday, January 7, 2013

Short and oh so sweet

 I'm keeping this one short and sweet.

 Last week and this past weekend and today for that matter I just haven't felt like myself. I haven't felt like anyone else either! I am just feeling blah. I am super tired, I can't concentrate, I am having dizzy spells, and I can't see very well. I had an MRI Friday and I get the results this coming Friday. I am nervous that it is the dang tumor again. Praying that it's not!!!!

 Anyway, to the sweet of this morning I weigh 231.2.....that is a total of 61lbs lost. I haven't had much of an appetite lately, but I'll take it!