Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Randomness

 This post is going to be just a bunch of randomness.....

 First off, I have crept back up to 234lbs, I'm ok with that. We still haven't joined a gym, but we are doing it this week. We have decided on the YMCA.

 I have been sick for a week, I'm so over this crap. I NEVER get sick....other than crap like brain tumors and cancer, but this sinus / cold junk is for the birds!!!!!

 I took Friday off to spend the day with the family....well the family is also sick, so we spent the day laying around the house. We did get out that evening to go out to eat with some friends. I know, we're the best friends anyone could ask for, "Hey, y'all want to go out to eat with us, we may give all of y'all our nasty sick germs but we're such good company."

 Saturday I felt a little better so me and B and my BFF and her daughter went shopping and out to lunch and for ice cream (that's where the 234lbs comes into play) we had a marvelous time, but Saturday night I was sick as a dog. (Runon sentence much?)

 Sunday I stayed in bed all day, didn't go to church, didn't shower, didn't get out of my pajamas. I did take B to spend the night at Granny's, but I did that in my pajamas.

 Onto Monday....I still feel like death, but I came to work anyway. (again with the spreading of the nasty sick germs)


  1. I hate being sick...I am on cold #2 all in the same month!

  2. God - I hate winter because of all this sickness. I WANT SUMMER!