Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lapband Doc

 I went to the lapband doc this morning. I have lost 8.4 pounds since my last visit a month ago. Our scales are different so it is sometimes frustrating. She said I am doing good. She told me to stay away from the white stuff (sorry, Husband) to eat lots of protein and greens. I am doing pretty good with that lately. Oh.....I can't believe this.....GREAT NEWS.....this whole week (shut up, I know it's only Wednesday) I have gotten in at least 84oz of water everyday!!! This is a HUGE accomplishment for me!!!!

 Last night we joined the YMCA. I did the walk to run with the Biggest Losers. We only did one mile, walked 2 minutes, ran 1 minute. Normally I can WALK at least 5 miles, when I say normally I mean before September (that's when I stopped). That one mile kicked my tail last night. The end was straight up a hill. It was good for me. Thursday I am doing it again. They are doing it every Tuesday and Thursday and in April they are doing a 5K, which I am joining in on. I am STOKED!!!!

 I need to find some panties that I can workout in and they will stay up. You see, I have NO BUTT or hips. The drawers I wore last night were sliding off, I literally had to hold on to them while we ran. I normally don't wear any (TMI???) but I thought I would try it. Any suggestions????

 My goal is to be 199 pounds by summer!!! Husband keeps saying he can't wait to have a chubby wife.

 Still no baby. That little booger is pissing us off!


  1. sometimes I don't wear panties...just my lycra workout pants. Try a smaller size you may not realize that you are wearing them too large for your booty!

  2. Same here - I LOVE to workout with no underwear. It's one less thing to sweat on and bunch up and bug me and it makes me feel powerful and naughty. Of course - you can't really wear those pants again the next day when you work out if you go Commando. LOL