Monday, January 7, 2013

Short and oh so sweet

 I'm keeping this one short and sweet.

 Last week and this past weekend and today for that matter I just haven't felt like myself. I haven't felt like anyone else either! I am just feeling blah. I am super tired, I can't concentrate, I am having dizzy spells, and I can't see very well. I had an MRI Friday and I get the results this coming Friday. I am nervous that it is the dang tumor again. Praying that it's not!!!!

 Anyway, to the sweet of this morning I weigh 231.2.....that is a total of 61lbs lost. I haven't had much of an appetite lately, but I'll take it!


  1. Hope its nothing serious....make sure you are getting your protein in and water...that can make me dizzy and have a headache if I am low

  2. sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. Hopefully you figure out what's wrong and feel better soon.

  3. Keeping fingers crossed that it's nothing serious.