Thursday, June 28, 2012

Holding it steady at 248

 I am again at a stand still in my weight loss. I am still at 248lbs (which I am excited about), but I am ready to get on with it. I had a "fill" on June 6th, I go back for another on July 18, but I don't fell restriction again. Right after my fill I did, but now......NOTHING!!!! Is it like this for everybody????

 B has been gone from home for 2 nights and she is going again Friday. Husband and I are planning a date night (dinner and a movie), that is if his car is finished and ready for the track Saturday. In a way I hope it is and in a way I hope it isn't. It is going to be hot as blazes here in SC this weekend, I am not looking forward to it. I don't do well in the heat.

 So, I am now reading.....wait for guessed it......Fifty Shades of Grey! I wanted to see what all the excitment was about and now I can't put it down!!!! I am on the 2nd book. It is delicious!!! Even Husband reads it over my shoulder!!! He said he could probably write an erotic novel, or maybe a short story!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! He is HILARIOUS!!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

CWS, VBS, and Exercise

 Well, the Gamecocks didn't make it 3 in row. I am still very proud to be a Gamecock. Getting as far as they did is a huge accomplishment. I realize there are alot of people who don't like them and like nothing more than seeing them lose, but it would be nice if they kept their unwanted negative opinions to themselves, especially since their team didn't make it near as far.

 Last night I got in a 2 mile walk in the blazing heat. It was nice, B rode her new bike, I walked, and Husband ran alot of it. He is so athletic and in such good shape. I get excited to get to go exercise. Tonight I won't get to walk, I have a VBS meeting at church and won't be home until late. Hopefully I will be able to do Sweatin to the Oldies when I get home. Speaking of VBS, I have to get on the ball and learn all the dances. Our VBS is 3 weeks away and I am in charge of music! That will be good exercise for me!!!!!! It is so fun to dance around and act a fool with all of the little ones.

Monday, June 25, 2012

 Monday again...... I did not do well this weekend. As always we had a super busy one. On Saturday we had 2 Birthday parties. At the first one I didn't eat anything (yay). But, at the second one I did have a small piece of cake and a cupcake(that I made and they were yummy delicious). I got in the batting cage and tooke 60 pitches and rode go carts. Sunday we went to church, then lunch at Subway and grocery shopping. After grocery shoppping we went all over Greenville in search of a bicycle for B. Of course we ended up at Academy and bought the first one she liked from Saturday when we went there to look but were in my car so it wouldn't fit. We should have just went straight there Sunday and saved us the hassle.

 This morning I weighed 248.6lbs. I decided to change my official weigh in day to Monday instead of Friday, I don't know why, it just seems better for me. So, I am holding steady at 248, that is a 44lb total loss and a 23lb loss since my surgery. I am happy with that, but I still kill myself by weighing constantly. I flucuate about 3-4lbs during the day. A friend of mine suggested letting someone hold onto my scale until I am responsible enough to use it and not torture myself.

 Oh, my laptop crashed. It is at the shop as we speak. Hopefully it will be fixed SOON!!!! It drives us crazy not having it at home.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Body Wrap Anyone?????

 I am thinking of doing a body wrap. The place I go to the tanning bed is having a special this week so I thought I would try it out. I have been thinking about it for a few weeks. If it works out good and I like it I may sign up for a series of wraps as I'm getting rid of this weight.

 Also, I am thinking of going ALL BLONDE!!!!! Any comments on that? I am a bit nervous about that but, what the heck! I am never afraid of fire engine red so why should I be scared of a little bleach? I have an awesome girl that does a great job on my hair and I trust her completely so maybe by next week I may be BLONDE. We'll see.......

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kicking ass and taking names.....

 WOW!!!! I did 5 miles last night! Yep, you read that right, Fatty McButter Pants walked 5 whole miles last night. And I kicked it's ass! (sorry for the language) I cranked up the ipod with husband and B with her bike in tow and we rocked it. I am so super duper proud of myself. Of course today I am feeling it, but it's a good feeling. I really think I could have gone longer, but B wasn't feeling it. I ran a little too, not as much as Skinny Mini Husband but I ran more than I normally do and  I am freakin' stoked about it!!!!! I can't wait to do it again.

 We have a busy weekend coming up. 2 birthday parties on Saturday, one from 4-6 and the other @ 5pm. Yeah, that's gonna be tough. So you know what that means......junk food and cake. I will just have to be strong and fight it. I am looking forward to getting in the batting cage at one of the parties though! Speaking of cake, at work each month that there's a birthday we have a lunch and a birthday cake for the birthdays that month. In July is mine and another lady's birthdays. She is doing Weight Watchers so we decided instead of a birthday cake that we will have a birthday fruit tray. Yeah, I know, it sucks, but I like fruit.

 I weighed 248.6lbs this morning!!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


 Last night me, Husband, and B walked a 5k. It's the same 5k I did back in May. I thoroughly enjoy it. I pushed hard yesterday, though I didn't beat my last time it was a good walk for me. I have tried to do that 5k a couple times a week lately. I LOVE IT!!!! I just read a blog about RUNNERS HIGH. I am so jealous of runners. I want to run so badly. I do good to get a good walk in, but I am pushing and keep telling myself 'one of these days I'll run this 5k.' I hope I am right, I would love nothing more than to be able to run it. I can jog a little of it (key word little), not much though. Last night I jogged the very end. I am excited that I can even do that. I have invited a few girldfriends to walk with me tonight since Husband is going to be working on his race car. I figured it would be some good girl time, and one of them I rarely see anymore and I miss her dearly. I am not planning on doing the 5k route, just walking on the swamp rabbit trail, but I do plan to go at least 3 miles. I hope they will respond and join me. If not, I may just go alone. Crank up the ipod and see how far I can make it. 5 miles? Maybe!

Monday, June 18, 2012

I knew this would happen

 I knew it, I knew it, I freakin knew it! Everyone told me not to weigh everyday, and I do it anyway. I flucuate about 3lbs. It so happened that Saturday morning I weighed 248.8lbs and I was so excited, well as of this morning I'm back to 251lbs.....WHAT!!!!! I know I am going to have to stop torturing myself and only weigh once a week.

 After my fill almost 2 weeks ago, I feel like I have NO restriction again. I know it is a process and I have to be patient but, dang it, this is hard. I am ready to be able to know when I'm full, and when I've had enough. There have been two times when I have gotten stuck, it passed very quickly though.

 After 5 days off work I am back today. Let me tell you, I came back to a mess!!!! But after 3 hours I am finally slowing down.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


 I have been so slack in the exercise department. Some days I do good and other days I suck!!!! Take yesterday for instance, I didn't get home until 9pm so I ate supper (frozen pizza, I know, I know) and went to bed. Tonight I plan to walk the 5K route again. Then on Thursdays and Fridays Husband plays ball so we're at the ball field late and I never exercise on those days. The weekends we're usually busy so that's my excuse not to exercise. I need some pointers. How do I get excited about it again? I am so ready for this weight to be gone, and I know in order for that to happen I've got to get moving. I also know that a quick frozen pizza is not the answer.

 Now that that's off my chest.....

 Our pool is still not open. Husband has got to get a move on it. The race cars are not fixed either, it is killing him not to race, so hopefully by next weekend he will have one of them together and we'll be back beating and banging with them. WooHoo!!!!!

 B started summer camp yesterday, she had a good time but she gets bored. She will got to Baptist Camp the last full week of July and she is super excited about that.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Weighing Everyday

 I know I'm not supposed to, but I do it. I weigh myself everyday, sometimes more than once.......ok......everyday more than once. I get frustrated because of it, but on the other hand it also keeps me motivated. I normally use Friday morning's weight as my official weight for the week, but today when I got up I weighed 249.8!!!! WHAT!!!!!! I am out of the 250's. I know by this afternoon I will probably be back to 251 or so, but I was exstatic to see 249!!!

 I still don't have much restriction, but I can tell a little. I feel like I can still eat most anything, ie: bread. I am going to try a body wrap and if I like it I may do a series of them throughout my weight loss and hopefully it will help with the hangy skin.

 So, I have 99lbs to go!!!!!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday is weigh in day.....

  I weighed in at 251lbs this morning. YES! You read that right, 251lbs!!!! That means I am down 41lbs total. I realize that I may flucuate back up a few pounds, but for now I am celebrating 251lbs!!!!!!! On Wednesday at my "fill" I weighed 254lbs with a total weight loss of 27lbs since I started with RWLS.

 I am starting to be able to tell I had a "fill". I haven't eaten very much at a time but I can tell, THANK GOODNESS! I was worried that I wouldn't be able to. I am so motivated and excited right now. I am ready to drop some pounds! I really hope to be under 200 by Christmas. 51 pounds, I can do that, right??? I have also committed to playing softball next Thursday(stay tuned for that), I played a few years ago and enjoyed it, but it is hard for a fat girl that sits on the couch eating cake to run bases. I have said once I lose this weight I am going to play again. This is sooner than I had planned, but it's just filling in for one game. I told the coach that I have to play beside Husband because I'm really not that good and that way he can do all the work! Hmmmm....maybe I can just DH, now that would be right up my alley.

 B is in Georgia with her aunt. She will be home Saturday sometime. She has been at her Nana's this whole week, so the only time I have seen her since dropping her off on Sunday was Wednesday night for a little while when we took her some clothes and money. I do miss her, but it has been so peaceful getting up and getting ready in the mornings without fighting with her!

 Husband and I walked a 5k on Tuesday, it was nice but it was tough. I have been a little slack on walking. We have played tennis and hit softball, but haven't been as dedicated to our walking. The weekends are rough for me because we are so busy. We have ball Thursday and Friday nights, then our Saturdays are usually consumed with racing, so it is hard to get exercise in. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

 Well, signing off, hope all y'all blog landers have a FABULOUS weekend!!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Day After My First Fill

 Yesterday I only had liquids (mostly), today I am on soft foods. For breakfast I had some yummy delicious blueberry banana oatmeal, and for lunch I had tuna. That's it, that's all I've had today. I can't tell if I have restriction or not. I have only ate a very small amount, not that I have gotten super full, but that I am scared of getting sick.

 So there you have it, I still don't know!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Today is the BIG Day......

 So, the day has finally arrived. My very first "fill". I am nervously excited about the whole situation. As y'all know I haven't been eating the best and I have NO restriction. Hopefully after today that will change. I really don't know what to expect. 

 Last night Husband wanted to go eat something good since I expect after today I won't be able to go out to eat much. He chose Kanpai!!!!! What?!?!?!?! Why does he do this to me? I ate way too much, and paid for it dearly for the rest of the evening.


 OK, I'm back from the doctor. It wasn't that bad. The pressing and the stick I could have done without, but other than that it was fine. Now for one day of liquids and one day of soft foods.....I can do it! I go back in 6 weeks for my next adjustment.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


 After a week of drama at work last week, and some still hard feelings (on my part) this week, I am exhausted!!!! I did not exercise last night. I have floated back up to 254lbs, so it doesn't look like I will be at 252lbs tomorrow for my fill. I am trying to eat way better though and I am still excited to get my fill.

 B is out of school for the summer. She is having to stay with her nana this week because her summer camp doesn't start until next week. We were hoping to take a weekend trip Father's Day weekend, but I'm not sure that is going to happen now. Husband has softball games on Thursday and Friday and a few players won't be there that week, so I'm not sure he will miss those games. Sad for me because I really need to get away!!!!