Tuesday, June 19, 2012


 Last night me, Husband, and B walked a 5k. It's the same 5k I did back in May. I thoroughly enjoy it. I pushed hard yesterday, though I didn't beat my last time it was a good walk for me. I have tried to do that 5k a couple times a week lately. I LOVE IT!!!! I just read a blog about RUNNERS HIGH. I am so jealous of runners. I want to run so badly. I do good to get a good walk in, but I am pushing and keep telling myself 'one of these days I'll run this 5k.' I hope I am right, I would love nothing more than to be able to run it. I can jog a little of it (key word little), not much though. Last night I jogged the very end. I am excited that I can even do that. I have invited a few girldfriends to walk with me tonight since Husband is going to be working on his race car. I figured it would be some good girl time, and one of them I rarely see anymore and I miss her dearly. I am not planning on doing the 5k route, just walking on the swamp rabbit trail, but I do plan to go at least 3 miles. I hope they will respond and join me. If not, I may just go alone. Crank up the ipod and see how far I can make it. 5 miles? Maybe!


  1. great job walking...I so want that runners high just don't have the stamina to run for very long...we. will. get. there!

  2. The runner's high is elusive to me. I've NEVER felt it but I keep trying....maybe someday....