Monday, June 25, 2012

 Monday again...... I did not do well this weekend. As always we had a super busy one. On Saturday we had 2 Birthday parties. At the first one I didn't eat anything (yay). But, at the second one I did have a small piece of cake and a cupcake(that I made and they were yummy delicious). I got in the batting cage and tooke 60 pitches and rode go carts. Sunday we went to church, then lunch at Subway and grocery shopping. After grocery shoppping we went all over Greenville in search of a bicycle for B. Of course we ended up at Academy and bought the first one she liked from Saturday when we went there to look but were in my car so it wouldn't fit. We should have just went straight there Sunday and saved us the hassle.

 This morning I weighed 248.6lbs. I decided to change my official weigh in day to Monday instead of Friday, I don't know why, it just seems better for me. So, I am holding steady at 248, that is a 44lb total loss and a 23lb loss since my surgery. I am happy with that, but I still kill myself by weighing constantly. I flucuate about 3-4lbs during the day. A friend of mine suggested letting someone hold onto my scale until I am responsible enough to use it and not torture myself.

 Oh, my laptop crashed. It is at the shop as we speak. Hopefully it will be fixed SOON!!!! It drives us crazy not having it at home.

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  1. oh my no laptop...I seriously could not handle that !