Tuesday, June 26, 2012

CWS, VBS, and Exercise

 Well, the Gamecocks didn't make it 3 in row. I am still very proud to be a Gamecock. Getting as far as they did is a huge accomplishment. I realize there are alot of people who don't like them and like nothing more than seeing them lose, but it would be nice if they kept their unwanted negative opinions to themselves, especially since their team didn't make it near as far.

 Last night I got in a 2 mile walk in the blazing heat. It was nice, B rode her new bike, I walked, and Husband ran alot of it. He is so athletic and in such good shape. I get excited to get to go exercise. Tonight I won't get to walk, I have a VBS meeting at church and won't be home until late. Hopefully I will be able to do Sweatin to the Oldies when I get home. Speaking of VBS, I have to get on the ball and learn all the dances. Our VBS is 3 weeks away and I am in charge of music! That will be good exercise for me!!!!!! It is so fun to dance around and act a fool with all of the little ones.

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