Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday is weigh in day.....

  I weighed in at 251lbs this morning. YES! You read that right, 251lbs!!!! That means I am down 41lbs total. I realize that I may flucuate back up a few pounds, but for now I am celebrating 251lbs!!!!!!! On Wednesday at my "fill" I weighed 254lbs with a total weight loss of 27lbs since I started with RWLS.

 I am starting to be able to tell I had a "fill". I haven't eaten very much at a time but I can tell, THANK GOODNESS! I was worried that I wouldn't be able to. I am so motivated and excited right now. I am ready to drop some pounds! I really hope to be under 200 by Christmas. 51 pounds, I can do that, right??? I have also committed to playing softball next Thursday(stay tuned for that), I played a few years ago and enjoyed it, but it is hard for a fat girl that sits on the couch eating cake to run bases. I have said once I lose this weight I am going to play again. This is sooner than I had planned, but it's just filling in for one game. I told the coach that I have to play beside Husband because I'm really not that good and that way he can do all the work! Hmmmm....maybe I can just DH, now that would be right up my alley.

 B is in Georgia with her aunt. She will be home Saturday sometime. She has been at her Nana's this whole week, so the only time I have seen her since dropping her off on Sunday was Wednesday night for a little while when we took her some clothes and money. I do miss her, but it has been so peaceful getting up and getting ready in the mornings without fighting with her!

 Husband and I walked a 5k on Tuesday, it was nice but it was tough. I have been a little slack on walking. We have played tennis and hit softball, but haven't been as dedicated to our walking. The weekends are rough for me because we are so busy. We have ball Thursday and Friday nights, then our Saturdays are usually consumed with racing, so it is hard to get exercise in. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

 Well, signing off, hope all y'all blog landers have a FABULOUS weekend!!!!

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