Tuesday, July 31, 2012

54 Pounds

I have lost 54 pounds so far!!!!!!

Sorry, for the short post, super busy!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Slow Relaxing Weekend

 We have had a great weekend. It's nice to not rush and have every single minute of the weekend filled up!  B came home from camp Friday, Saturday we went tubing at Green River, then to dinner at Husband's cousin's house while B spent the night with her cousin. Today we went to church then to lunch with another one of Husband's cousin. We went to a steak house in Hendersonville (Binions) I had BBQ Chicken and a baked potato, it went pretty well, I only ate half of it and had the other half for supper. Tonight after church we walked 2.5 miles and then got in the pool for a little bit.

  I have lost 8lbs since last Friday (July20th). I am super happy about that. I got several compliments at church today, which made me feel fabulous. It feels good that people can tell a difference in me, because sometimes I still can't. Sometimes I look in the mirror and think, when am I ever not going to be fat? I know I didn't gain all this weight overnight and I won't lose it overnight.

 I am so beyond ready for the beach in 2 weeks. The week after we get back I go get the brain tumor checked again. I am praying for good news but I have a feeling it won't be. Prayers are appreciated.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

1. This is my first time doing Ten Thing Thursday. So, I thought that would be #1.

2. B comes home from camp tomorrow. I know this doesn't make me mother of the year, but I have enjoyed her being gone this week. I am ready for her to be home tomorrow, but it was a nice break.

3. This week me and Husband have lived like love sick teenagers with no kid at home. He has been so sweet and romantic. I could get used to that.

4. I have an ant infestation in my car. Don't ask me how that happened. Ants are terrible in our yard and I have noticed a few in my car but didn't really think too much about it until tonight.....Husband and I went to dinner and to a cheerleading meeting and they were everywhere. When we got to the restaurant Husband looked in the back and they were all in the seat with some type of powdery substance.....looks like fundip to me, so no more eating for B in my car!!!!

5. I had to start training a new guy at work today. I know I am an awesome employee and everybody wishes they could be me, but dang almighty, why do I always have to do the training.

6. I am doing a Thirty-One catalog party. Why aren't people coming out of the wood works to order???? Come on folks, mama needs some new bags.

7. B starts middle school next month. I have decided to let her start shaving. This weekend as a matter of fact, I will let her shave her legs. I am excited for her, Husband not so much.


9. I do believe I am going to get little bows painted on my nails.

10. I want an anklet. I don't really know where to find one. I just want something plain and cute but wihout hearts, I hate hearts, hearts are for 12 year olds.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fifty, Fifty, Fifty

 No, this blog is not about Christian Grey.....it's about me finally hitting the 50 pound mark!!!!!

 I am so excited......I am down 50 pounds!!!!!!!

 Now about 80 more to go!!!!!!

 I can and WILL do this!!!!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

1 pound away from 50!!!!

 FINALLY!!!!!! After not loosing any weight last week, I got a fill on Friday, I have barely been able to eat anything, I finally lost a few. FOUR to be exact, I am down to 243.2 as of this mornings weigh in. I am so glad. I have really pushed it with my fill, I have not eaten all that great, didn't stay on liquids and mushies like I was supposed to, and boy did I pay for it. Almost everything that I ate got stuck. I didn't eat tons but I didn't take small bites and chew really good, so it all got stuck. Today I am doing much better, I brought yogurt, sugar free pudding, a banana, and a fiber bar to work.

Friday, July 20, 2012

So discouraged.....

 I refrained from weighing myself all week, mostly because my scale was hidden. But last night I couldn't take it anymore.....I made B get the scale out. On Monday morning I weighed 247.0, all week I have eaten better, drank more water, and danced for 3 straight hours every single night, and today when I went in for my fill I weighed 247.6......WTH!!!!!! Needless to say I am VERY DISCOURAGED!!!! My surgeon is wonderful and told me how well I have done and that a 1lb per week loss is good. (I have lost 6.4lbs since my last fill 6 weeks ago) I now have 6.5cc in my band (I got 1.5cc today). I don't know if that's good or not. He said I should feel a good bit more restriction this time. I sure hope so. Maybe I have just had unrealistic expectations.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day Two of No Weighing....

 Today is day # two of me not weighing myself. I'm not gonna lie, this morning I was about to start searching for the scale but I refrained from it. I am dying to see if I am losing any weight, I have been eating way better this week and exercising ALOT!!!!

 Today I am wearing a shirt that I love and I just wore it about a week ago but today it is droopy on me, although I am super happy to be seeing results, I don't like it that one of my favorite shirts looks so bad now. Oh well, that just means I can buy a new favorite in a smaller size!!!!!!

 I am signing up for the GHS MUTT STRUT. It is a 5k run/walk with your dog, the only thing is one of my dogs is too old to do it and the other one is too goofy! My best friend is probably going to do it with me so I will just borrow a dog from her. Hopefully Husband will do it too.

 I have been doing better with my water intake. This week I have been getting more than I normally do. It is tough for me to drink. Not drink water. Just to drink in general, I have never drank alot. I got a new CAROLINA GIRL Tervis for my birthday and I love it so maybe that's why I am drinking more, or maybe it's because of VBS, or maybe just because I have set my mind to do it.

 The girls at work ordered pizza for lunch today. I was very strong and ate my tuna and crackers and water. No, I have not mastered the not drinking anf eating at the same time thing. Tonight at VBS we are having tacos for supper and tomorrow pizza, Friday hamburgers and hot dogs, but Friday I will be on liquids because I get my fill!!!! YAY!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Before & So Far

This is me and Husband in August of 2010...... 

This is me today July 17, 2012......

I have lost 45lbs so far since my journey started in January 2012. I am very proud of that, but will be so glad when I am under 200lbs.

Last night was night 2 of VBS, it has really kicked my tail. Dancing for 3 straight hours is tough, but I know it's helping me reach my goal of 242lbs by Friday. I was 247 on Monday morning. Today is the first day I haven't weighed myself in a few months. I got to where I was obsessing with it and it was driving me crazy, so Husband and B hid the scale from me. The next time I weigh will be at the doctor on Friday when I go for my fill.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Everybody say YES YES YES to VBS S S S

 VBS started last night. I am in charge of teaching the music class and the worship rallies. I sweated buckets last night. I weighed in this morning and weighed 247.0......THANK GOODNESS I finally lost a pound. I didn't stick to not weighing last week, I weighed every single day, just like I said I wasn't going to do. So, the plan for this week is.....I weighed this morning and Husband is hiding the scale from me. I go Friday for a fill, and I am so ready for that. I hope to be down to 242, that will be a 50lb total loss. Not looking forward to the liquids, but oh well.

 I had a great birthday. Me and B went and had our nails and toes done, then got her hair cut, then to the tanning bed. She stayed with her Nana Friday night so me and Husband went to Hendersonville and saw Ted (stupidest movie ever) and went to Binions to eat.....YUMMO!!!! I had steak and it went pretty good. Saturday was VBS kickoff fun day and we had to finish up decorating, so we are already exhausted and have the whole week to go!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Why must I keep doing this to myself???

 I know I said I wouldn't do it but I did it anyway. I said I wouldn't weigh again until Monday morning but I have weighed 3 times since this past Monday. It's torture I tell ya, torture....but I continue to do it. For the love of God, why do I do it to myself???? I was down a few ounces this morning though.....I was 247.8 this morning!!!! I know what you're all thinking, "big freakin deal" well....it is a big freakin deal to me because the scale hasn't moved in about 3 weeks. I guess I am at least happy it hasn't moved up!!!! I have also told myself I was going to eat better and I have, but I did eat a chocolate dipped ice cream cone yesterday, that too was torture!!!! I hate myself for doing it but it is what it is. Oh, and how could I forget, my boss ordered PINK LEMONADE CUPCAKES for my birthday!!!! More torture!!!!!!

 Starting tonight I am SUPER busy. We start decorating for VBS tonight, so I will be at the church tonight, tomorrow night, hopefully not Friday because it's my birthday, then Saturday I'll be there for Fun Day, then VBS starts Sunday and goes through Thursday with commencement being on Friday. You know what that means???? Well, I'm gonna tell ya! Since I teach music it means hella exercise for me!!! And I'll need all that exercise to work off the above mentioned PINK LEMONADE CUPCAKES!

Monday, July 9, 2012


 I am NOT A HIKER!!! Husband thought it would be a good idea to go on a family outing on Saturday. We went to Keowee Toxaway and hike 4 miles. It is not for me!!!! I'm not real sure what made him think it was a good idea in the first place. I almost passed out with it being 197 degrees, I had a massive nose bleed, and I got stung by a bee. I don't think I have ever complained so much in my life. I made it through but just barely. I am still so sore from it, my legs, my back, hips, sides.....really my entire body!!! I don't think we will be doing that again very soon.

 The scale still says 248. I am so aggravated about it. I get another fill on July 20th, hopefully it will give me some restriction. The last few weeks I feel like I have no restriction at all. It is very frustrating!!!!! I am starting all over this week though.....eating better and getting back on my exercising horse. I really want to be 242lbs on July 20th when I go back. I am also going to try not to weigh myself except for on Monday mornings for a while. I am driving myself crazy with that dang scale.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Forth of July Weight Gain

 We had a wonderful 4th of July. We hung out with some great friends from church, cooked out, swam, and shot fireworks. This morning the scale told me I had too much fun. Yep.....you guessed it....I gained a pound. I have been complaining because I had not lost a pound in 2 weeks, well, now I'm complaining because I managed to gain one. I am so pissed at myself. Also, my exercise is very sporatic. I will do so well for a few days, then I fall right off the wagon. What's up with that? I have to bathing suit shop in the next couple of weeks so maybe that will motivate me!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bathing Suit Shopping......BLAH

Ok, so here is a full body shot. I am still at 248lbs. Don't get me wrong I am super proud of that, BUT I am discouraged that the scale hasn't moved in 2 weeks. Saturday morning I was up at 6:45am, so I cranked up the tunes, had a sweet sweet talk with Jesus and walked/jogged 2.6miles!!!!! I FREAKIN loved it!!!! I would love to be able to do that every morning but I don't have time between daylight and the time I have to leave for work. Yes, I am too scared of getting hit by a car to do it in the dark.

We have decided to go to the beach in August, so I have to find me at least one new bathing suit as mine from last year are too big.....yep.....I said it....TOO BIG. I don't think I've ever had anything that was too big for me before. I HATE bathing suit shopping!!!!!

I am ready to be off tomorrow for the 4th. We don't have any spectacular plans, as we both have to go back to work on Thursday, but just being off in the middle of the week will be nice.