Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

1. This is my first time doing Ten Thing Thursday. So, I thought that would be #1.

2. B comes home from camp tomorrow. I know this doesn't make me mother of the year, but I have enjoyed her being gone this week. I am ready for her to be home tomorrow, but it was a nice break.

3. This week me and Husband have lived like love sick teenagers with no kid at home. He has been so sweet and romantic. I could get used to that.

4. I have an ant infestation in my car. Don't ask me how that happened. Ants are terrible in our yard and I have noticed a few in my car but didn't really think too much about it until tonight.....Husband and I went to dinner and to a cheerleading meeting and they were everywhere. When we got to the restaurant Husband looked in the back and they were all in the seat with some type of powdery substance.....looks like fundip to me, so no more eating for B in my car!!!!

5. I had to start training a new guy at work today. I know I am an awesome employee and everybody wishes they could be me, but dang almighty, why do I always have to do the training.

6. I am doing a Thirty-One catalog party. Why aren't people coming out of the wood works to order???? Come on folks, mama needs some new bags.

7. B starts middle school next month. I have decided to let her start shaving. This weekend as a matter of fact, I will let her shave her legs. I am excited for her, Husband not so much.


9. I do believe I am going to get little bows painted on my nails.

10. I want an anklet. I don't really know where to find one. I just want something plain and cute but wihout hearts, I hate hearts, hearts are for 12 year olds.


  1. I want pics of the bows on your nails...that intrigues me!

  2. OMG - I must see the bows too! Anklets that are decent and don't break and are adultish are hard to find. Maybe QVC or even Amazon. #3 is so sweet....awwww