Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Why must I keep doing this to myself???

 I know I said I wouldn't do it but I did it anyway. I said I wouldn't weigh again until Monday morning but I have weighed 3 times since this past Monday. It's torture I tell ya, torture....but I continue to do it. For the love of God, why do I do it to myself???? I was down a few ounces this morning though.....I was 247.8 this morning!!!! I know what you're all thinking, "big freakin deal" is a big freakin deal to me because the scale hasn't moved in about 3 weeks. I guess I am at least happy it hasn't moved up!!!! I have also told myself I was going to eat better and I have, but I did eat a chocolate dipped ice cream cone yesterday, that too was torture!!!! I hate myself for doing it but it is what it is. Oh, and how could I forget, my boss ordered PINK LEMONADE CUPCAKES for my birthday!!!! More torture!!!!!!

 Starting tonight I am SUPER busy. We start decorating for VBS tonight, so I will be at the church tonight, tomorrow night, hopefully not Friday because it's my birthday, then Saturday I'll be there for Fun Day, then VBS starts Sunday and goes through Thursday with commencement being on Friday. You know what that means???? Well, I'm gonna tell ya! Since I teach music it means hella exercise for me!!! And I'll need all that exercise to work off the above mentioned PINK LEMONADE CUPCAKES!


  1. OMG Pink Lemonade cupcakes sound divine!

  2. Those cupcakes sound awesome! Hide your scale. Put it away and only bring it out once a week. You can't let daily fluctuations drive you crazy like this.

  3. pink lemonade... CUPCAKES???????

    oh lawdy.... I'd be a GONER!!