Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day Two of No Weighing....

 Today is day # two of me not weighing myself. I'm not gonna lie, this morning I was about to start searching for the scale but I refrained from it. I am dying to see if I am losing any weight, I have been eating way better this week and exercising ALOT!!!!

 Today I am wearing a shirt that I love and I just wore it about a week ago but today it is droopy on me, although I am super happy to be seeing results, I don't like it that one of my favorite shirts looks so bad now. Oh well, that just means I can buy a new favorite in a smaller size!!!!!!

 I am signing up for the GHS MUTT STRUT. It is a 5k run/walk with your dog, the only thing is one of my dogs is too old to do it and the other one is too goofy! My best friend is probably going to do it with me so I will just borrow a dog from her. Hopefully Husband will do it too.

 I have been doing better with my water intake. This week I have been getting more than I normally do. It is tough for me to drink. Not drink water. Just to drink in general, I have never drank alot. I got a new CAROLINA GIRL Tervis for my birthday and I love it so maybe that's why I am drinking more, or maybe it's because of VBS, or maybe just because I have set my mind to do it.

 The girls at work ordered pizza for lunch today. I was very strong and ate my tuna and crackers and water. No, I have not mastered the not drinking anf eating at the same time thing. Tonight at VBS we are having tacos for supper and tomorrow pizza, Friday hamburgers and hot dogs, but Friday I will be on liquids because I get my fill!!!! YAY!!!!!!


  1. SO HARD not to weigh self...good for you...and good on getting water in!!!

  2. I am not good at not drinking and eating either! :(

    way to stay strong w the pizza!

  3. I've been a scale whore in the past, so the scale is now in the guest bathroom, where I never go. I know where it is, but it's easier not to get on it every day (or every few hours) since I don't see it. Whatever works best for you. Keep up the great work!