Monday, July 9, 2012


 I am NOT A HIKER!!! Husband thought it would be a good idea to go on a family outing on Saturday. We went to Keowee Toxaway and hike 4 miles. It is not for me!!!! I'm not real sure what made him think it was a good idea in the first place. I almost passed out with it being 197 degrees, I had a massive nose bleed, and I got stung by a bee. I don't think I have ever complained so much in my life. I made it through but just barely. I am still so sore from it, my legs, my back, hips, sides.....really my entire body!!! I don't think we will be doing that again very soon.

 The scale still says 248. I am so aggravated about it. I get another fill on July 20th, hopefully it will give me some restriction. The last few weeks I feel like I have no restriction at all. It is very frustrating!!!!! I am starting all over this week though.....eating better and getting back on my exercising horse. I really want to be 242lbs on July 20th when I go back. I am also going to try not to weigh myself except for on Monday mornings for a while. I am driving myself crazy with that dang scale.


  1. Getting stung by a bee and having a nose bleed definitely isn't a great intro to hiking but I implore you not to give up on it entirely. Perhaps wait until it's not as hot and try again. I love always makes me feel very peaceful but it wouldn't if I just got stung by a bee. Hang in there!

  2. I hate hiking...seems boring to me...your day sounds dreadful!

  3. Brandy -- I just had to post as I can soooo relate -- this past wkend I willingly went on a 2night/3day hiking adventure...and the 4 miles actually ended up to be 10!! I don't know what almost killed me off more - the heavy backpack, the miles, hills, rocks, etc?!! I was so exhausted by Sunday morning that I was sick to my stomach, had the shakes and my band was slammed shut! BUT..I DID IT!! I wasn't medivac'd out - I actually walked/hiked out myself. I never could have done this 48 lbs ago!! Congrats on your efforts inspite of the physical cost...sadly, I only lost 1 lb! sniff sniff!