Thursday, January 24, 2013


 Ok, so my sister in law is adopting a baby. Let me give y'all some background.....the baby belongs to her cousin's girlfriend. They already have a 1-2 year old and they broke up and she got knocked up by someone else, now they're (why don't the computer puncuate like the smart phone does....grrrr....) back together and she's pregnant. So at Christmas the cousin's mom asked the sister in law if she wanted the baby. So the sister in law and her husband have been frantically dealing with home studies and attorneys trying to get everything in order. The baby is due February 28th so they don't have much time.

                                     WELL......SHE'S IN LABOR!!!!!!!!!!!

 Nothing is done yet! They don't even have all the essentials. So today I have been at Babies R Us buying stuff and all over craigslist. Thankfully a friend of mine is giving her a very nice stroller/car seat combo! Thank you, Melissa!!!!

 I have been a nervous wreck because the people she's dealing with are certifiable and I'm afraid that they will back out and the sister in law will get her heart broken. The whole family is at the hospital waiting on the baby to get here (which I think that's crazy since she's not keeping him). The attorney has talked to the hospital and everything is supposed to be taken care of.

 Oh yeah.....the sister in law lives in another state. So she is driving 6 hours to get here when she gets off work at 6pm tonight.

 Any of you that pray, please do so for this situation and for this sweet baby boy that is coming into this world a month premature.

On a different note.....I HATE THE ELIPTICAL!!!!!! I thought, "I will start out doing 10 minutes and work up" NOT HAPPENING!!!! The past 3 days I have only been able to get through 5 minutes! That crap whoops my tail. This morning I did 5 minutes right before I left for work (that's right, in my work clothes) I almost fell down my steps because I couldn't feel my legs!


  1. I will for sure pray! Let us know how it goes. And um yah - the elliptical was invented by Satan.

  2. LOL on the elliptical...I just started and totally get your pain. Keep at will get there!