Monday, January 28, 2013


 I have said this a million times, but today I mean business!!!! Today is the day that I start over. I have been losing a few pounds then gaining it back, I haven't been excersizing, drinking near enough water, or eating right. Well, this morning I started over.

 This week we are joing the YMCA, and today we are starting Couch 2 5K. I am super excited about this. I am determined that I will lose another 75lbs.

 I still hate the eliptical!!! I am still only doing 5 minutes at a time.

 BABY NEWS......

 That little booger still isn't here. Thursday she was dilated to 4 and they sent her home, Saturday they were back, she was dilated to 5, spent the night and they sent her home again on Sunday. The sister in law had to go back to GA yesterday and she's scared she won't make it in time next time.

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