Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend....

 Let me start by saying 5 o'clock cannot get here fast enough today. I am beyond ready for a long weekend with Husband. Tonight he has a softball game and Sunday we have Homecoming at church. We are eating dinner at church, a bunch of southern Baptist women cooking, you know what that means.....It is going to be so hard to resist stuffing myself to the gills.

 I weighed in at 256lbs last night. I hate the fluctuating!!!!! I am still counting down the days to my "fill". I hope I'm not having unrealistic expectations about it. I am ready to only be able to eat small amounts. Right now I can eat anything and just about however much I want of it. I have been doing better about getting my 64oz of water in a day. Well, water is all that I drink. I haven't had sweet teat or soda since January. I don't know how I do it! I brought a 16oz cup to work and I keep a gallon of Crystal Light Lemonade in the fridge and I make myself drink at least 3 of my cups of it during the day. It makes me pee like CRAZY, but I guess that's good for me.

 B is spending the night with her Nana tonight. Maybe that means a date for me & Husband after the game!!!!

 Hope everyone has a safe and Happy long weekend!!!

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