Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Again

 Hello, blogland! Well, it's Monday again, uuggghhhh! I had a wonderful weekend. On Saturday we went to Charlotte for the All Start Race. We had a great time but hated seeing Jimmy Johnson win.

 Again I feel like I am stuck at the same weight. I haven't been eating the best, but I have been eating way better than before. I have been exercising more. It is not looking too good for my goal of 242lbs by June 6th :( I am glad that I'm down a total of 36lbs. I got down to 255 but I am back up to 256lbs, but it is frustrating because I am just so ready to have this weight GONE!!!!! My first fill is scheduled for Wednesday June 6, 2012, so hopefully that will help me out. I really don't know what to expect from the fill, but I am excited to find out! Right now I have NO restriction, so it is very hard for me.

 I am having to go bathing suit shopping this week and am not looking forward to it. I said I wasn't buying one this year but mine from last year is too big (which is a good thing). Hopefully I can find one.

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