Thursday, August 30, 2012


 Quick post here to let y'all know that I am kicking tail on some water intake. Using a small cup is working for me better than a large cup. I have been getting in at least 64oz while I'm at work! Yay me!!!!!!!!

  I have been thinking about doing the mud run that's coming up.......changed my mind. It is at the end of September and though I would love to do it, in no way am I physically ready. 5ks are fine but I just looked at the obstacles for it and I know I couldn't finish. But there is rumor of a color run coming up in November in my town.....I am totally in for that!!!!!!

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  1. i am trying to pick a run myself. I hear the color runs are fun just don't plan on running it with all the people---may be a good first one to do!