Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ten Things Thursday 8-2-12

1. I have GAINED 2 pounds this week. Yep, you read that right, I gained 2 FREAKIN pounds. I am so not happy about that. I have eaten way better and exercised way more, what gives?

2. It is so hot in my office. It is really ridiculoous. The rich as heck boss man can't spare a few bucks to turn the air down a few degrees.

3. I have a very good friend at work that is going through a tough break up and my heart is breaking for her. She loved this man and his children and I can tell it is ripping her heart out. Bless her.

4. B takes piano lessons and I am convinced that her piano teacher is a drunk. And she's all kinds of crazy. B really likes her so I haven't tried to find a new teacher, but man she's crazy!!!! Like a goofy crazy.

5. My entire office is taking the rich as heck boss man out to City Range for his birthday tonight. I am not looking forward to it. We all went $50 in and got him some gift cards to places he likes to eat and a couples massage for him and his girlfriend. I made him a mini bottle bouquet and we put it all together. Somehow my $50 turned into $85.

6. This week has been an awful week for me. I have been so ill, I'm sure I have gotten on Husband's nerves.

7. Husband bought me an elliptical. I hate that thing, I can't go for more thatn 3-4 minutes at a time on it. So Husband got tired of it just sitting in the living room and moved it to the laundry room. I decided today that I want it back in the living room. You see, when I was going 3-4 minutes on it was before I was really exercising and hadn't lost that much weight. I am going to give it another go.

8. We have 2 broke down race cars. Husband is so aggravated about them. It is very expensive to race one car, much less two. He has worked so dilegently and still isn't racing. Bless him.

9. I am struggling to get 10 things.

10. I am ready for the weekend!!!!! We have a birthday party on Saturday and at some point this weekend I will take B shopping for back to school stuff.

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  1. I used to have an elliptical in my living room too. I had these big visions of using it all the way through a tv show...never happened. I prefer to do things that seem like exercise to swimming or volleyball.