Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ten Things Thursday....

1. I am disgusted with myself! I gained weight while on vacation, not sure how because it seems like everything I put in my mouth makes me vomit.

2. I decided Monday that I was going back on liquids. Well.....mostly liquids. I am doing protien shakes for breakfast, yogurt for snack around 10am, then another shake for lunch, and something reasonable for supper. Like last night I had less than half a can of 70 calorie Progresso Chicken Noodle Soup, I brought the other half for lunch today.

3. Husband is strugging. I feel terrible for him, he has a MAJOR decision that has to be made and it has been torture for him.

4. B started middle school yesterday. She LOVES it!!!!!

5. Is it too soon to be ready for vacation again? I would love to go to the mountains this fall or winter, just for a weekend!

6. This afternoon I go for a MRI to check the brain tumor. I will admit I am a nervous wreck. I'm not having any symptoms right now, but for some reason I feel as though it has grown.

7. After the said MRI, I am going to visit 9 Rounds. Just to check it out and see what it's all about. I have friends that are having great results with it and I have to do something.

8. One of my biggest motivators is this blog, I love reading what everyone else is doing. Keep it coming.

9. I am really missing my Best Friend of many years. We seem to be so busy these days and never have time to get together. So, this Saturday while Husband is at Bristol me and her are doing a 5k. Not an organized 5K, we're just doing it on our own.

10. I have a good friend, we'll call her Amy.....OK.... her name is really Amy, she also had lapband surgery, and is one of the reasons I decided to have it. She did AMAZING!!!! She is such an encouragement to me. So, I just want to tell her thank you, and I couldn't do this without her!!!!!


  1. First, when you say everything you eat makes you vomit, do you mean PB's or like fighting a stomach bug? If you're PB'ing on everything and can only eat sliders (liquids, yogurts, etc.), then you're too tight. No one loses weight when they're too tight.

    Crossing your fingers for good results on the MRI. My brother in law was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer in 2010 so I know how nervewracking these MRI's can be. Good luck!

  2. I'm not fighting a bug, I am going to give it another week, mostly because I already have an appointment on the 31st. I know sometimes I am rushing through eating, so I'm trying to slow it down.

  3. I am always ready for a vacation...even after I just get back from one! Slow down on your eating girly...throwing up everything is not good :)