Monday, August 27, 2012

238.4 BABY

 I have been slack on my blogging lately. Mostly because I have been rather disgusted with myself. I have felt like I can't do this, I will never lose this weight, I will never look the way I imagined in the beginning, and I will always be the fat, funny girl. I dont want to be the fat, funny girl anymore, I want to be the skinny, funny girl!!!! With all that being said, I have kicked butt this past week. I went back to a mostly liquid diet and I tried to get in more exercise. As of this morning's weigh in I am back down to 238.4!!!! WOO FREAKIN HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I go to my surgeon on Friday and I'm not sure if I will get more fluid, I highly doubt it because I have not been keeping much down. Mostly that is my own fault because I was eating too fast, or too big of bites and not chewing well enough. The last few days I have really made myself slow down and it is way better. Also, I go Thursday to the neurosurgeon to get the results of the MRI to see if the tumor has grown, so any prayers are greatly appreciated.


  1. I am hoping everything is ok in the MRI..and congrats on getting back on the weight loss train!

  2. Hope your MRI results are good. ((Hugs))