Tuesday, September 4, 2012

56lbs GONE!

 As of my weigh in this morning I have lost 56lbs. Normally I weigh in on Mondays, but I got messed up because of the holiday weekend. I did pretty good eating this weekend too. I did eat half a hamburger yesterday but other than that I stayed on course. I am glad to be back at work though, I can keep more of a schedule. I haven't been getting enough water in since I've been off work for 3 days, so back at it today.

 On Friday I went to my surgeon, I got a LITTLE fill. I'm not sure how much because I didn't ask. I am right at the green zone. I have lost 45lbs since the visit before my surgery, that is also before the 2 week liquid diet. I don't go back for 3 months (the week after Thanksgiving). My goal is to be down 25 more pounds by then.

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  1. great job! yep I do better during the week than my weekends!