Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Spirit

 I'll start with my doctor visit. It has been 3 months since my last visit to my band doctor. The appointment I had today has been scheduled since the last visit. I have been dreading it because y'all know I have gained weight. I seriously thought about rescheduling the appointment, but Husband said I probably needed a little fill and some motivation, so I went on. And I did gain weight......ONE POUND!!!!!! And that could be the difference in the clothes I was wearing (3 months ago I probably had on a light weight tank top and skirt with flip flops, today I have on long sleeves, khakis, and full shoes) although, I did try to find some light weight stuff to wear today. I am impressed and so was the doc. We talked about the radiation and that the radiation doc didn't want me to lose any weight during radiation and for a month after, which is December 12th. The band doc agreed and I go back in 3 weeks. I talked with the nutritionist and got some good info. So I am going to try to get in more protein and eat better but not lose a significant amount of weight by then.

 Now onto CHRISTMAS!!!!! The last several years I have not been in the Christmas Spirit, but this year I am!!!! I normally put up my tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving, but this year my house is a wreck from the renovations, so I have up a 4ft snowman tree. It is adorable! I am ready to get presents under it.....eeerrrrrr....near it. This weekend I am heading to Georgia to go Christmas shopping with my Sister In Law, we are not the best of friends, but I am really looking forward to it. Husband probably has to work this weekend so it will just be B & I going, but I am still excited. I don't know what has gotten into me this year but I like it!!!! The Travelers Rest Christmas Parade is next weekend and I am in charge of our church's float. The theme is Christmas Through The Years. Then I am doing a movie night for the kids at church.....we are watching the Grinch and having Grinch punch, Grinch cupcakes, cookies, brownies, and any other goodies we can think of (I'll just have water). We have Christmas with the children planned and our Christmas Cantata. I am really excited for all of these events. It is a very busy month for my family and normally I dread it but this year I can't wait for all the hustle and bustle!!!!!

Merry Christmas, Y'all!!!!!


  1. So glad you went to your appointment! BTW, I grew up in Gville! Small World!

  2. YAY only 1 lb...that rocks girl!!! take a bow! I wish I was in the xmas spirit..but its still 80 here during the day..ughh