Monday, October 29, 2012


I know I have been abscent from the blogger for a while.....SORRY.....I have been trying to read and stay on top of everybody's blogs, just not posting myself.

I have been so discouraged, y'all know I was told I can't lose any weight while on radiation and for a month after. So I have been holding steady. I guess that's a good thing, at least I'm not gaining.

I have a new addiction...............


Me and the husband have started watching it from Season 1 on Netflix and I cannot stop watching it. I am so in love with Jax Teller. I am starting season 3 tonight. This addiction is so bad that I can't stop thinking about it at work, I watch it online and then re-watch it with husband. I will be so sad when I'm done with the past seasons and have to wait for it to come on Tuesday nights.

Tonight is B's last football game with BRYA this year. It is going to be C.O.L.D. but I'm not complaining, I have been waiting on this cold weather since about April. They are doing a thriller half time show, so that's exciting!

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  1. congrats on holding steady...that is a feat in itself..never watched the show...may have to after you did it such justice! Missed you.....